Academic Tuition

I offer private tuition and support for a variety of subjects and areas.

I value trust, transparency and fairness in education. If you have a question about the support I can offer you or your child, just contact me and ask me. I will give you a detailed assessment of what I can and cannot help you with. We would also talk about target-setting and curriculum.

My specialty is the IB-curriculum, both in the Middle Years and the Diploma Programme. If you are unsure about assessment, revision, projects, writing or effective note-taking, about how the programme works and how you can succeed in it: I will be able to help.

FACE-TO-FACE TUITION: I can offer face-to-face tuition for students in Paris only.

(If you wish to make an appointment for a free introductory session, contact me here.)

There are currently 2 afternoon slots available.

My base rate is €75 per hour.

IB Subject Tuition
  • DP Language & Literature, SL/HL (English, German)
  • DP Literature, SL/HL (English, German)
  • DP History SL/HL
  • MYP Language & Literature (English, German)
  • MYP Language Acquisition (English, German)
  • MYP Individuals & Societies
IB Projects and Essays
  • DP Extended Essay (Language A, Language B, History)
  • DP TOK Essay
  • MYP Personal Project/Community Project
  • MYP IDU Report Writing
IB Skills
  • Textual analysis
  • Writing evidence-based paragraphs
  • Building convincing arguments
  • Source analysis
  • Study skills
  • Exam revision
English as a Second Language
  • Intensive Conversational Courses
  • Business English Support
  • English as Language of Instruction Support
  • Contextualised Grammar Courses
  • Reading and Comprehension Support
  • Writing Support
Academic Writing
  • Essay writing
  • Academic precision
  • Research skills
  • Referencing and citations
  • Editing techniques