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English as a Second Language

Language is meant to be spoken and understood almost automatically.
This is where we start.
Reading, listening to and talking about texts which are easy in their language but stimulating in their ideas will help your English to come close to what you can do and think about in your own language.
Vocabulary and grammar is taught in context, so you won’t even know it is there!


Good question!
I have co-founded a company last year with an ex-colleague of mine to help students prepare and write their college application essays.
This is the reason, why I am not working in a school at the moment.
However, who is to say I will not go back into the classroom sometime in the future? Only time will tell.

I have taught across all age groups in secondary school, from Grade 6 and MYP 1 to Senior Year and DP2.
Different age groups and different backgrounds require different approaches in teaching, which is reflected in the work I do with private clients now.

All consultations are made by appointment only, so we can discuss what time would be most convenient for us.
The best thing would be to ask me, right?

That is entirely up to you, of course.
In general, I would meet with students and clients once a week.
However, in some circumstances, that might change into support sessions two times a week, if the student so wishes.

The first consultation is a chance to discuss what goals you wish to set for yourself and how I can help you to achieve them.
It is a very pleasant and relaxed experience, just a conversation, really.
Afterwards, we can decide how to continue working together.
The first consultation is entirely free.

Contact me here to book your free consultation.

IB Support

Yes, I can.
Although your school’s MYP-coordinator will be the best person to explain the curriculum to your parents, often parents will want specific ideas how they can support you at home.
That is where I come in.
I can explain concept-based, inquiry-driven learning to your parents and make suggestions how your homework and course work relate to the curriculum, so they can be of help to you at home.

Yes and no.
Your appointed supervisor is the most important person to help you with your essay.
However, there are some general skills that are very important for a successful EE, and I can help you with those.
These skills include:

  • Writing paragraphs
  • Structuring an essay
  • Research skills
  • Academic vocabulary

I can help with content as well as techniques, helping you prepare your exam writing or working with you on your ability to respond to exam questions.

University Application Support

Yes, I do.
My company, WriteTwice, specializes in application essay writing.
We provide resources and feedback options to applicants in the US and through UCAS.
Please visit our website for more information.

Yes, I can.
Having applied successfully to two different colleges at the University of Oxford gives me first-hand insight of what an interview feels like.
Moreover, my connections to current admissions tutors at universities in the UK and the US puts me in a perfect spot to hand their knowledge over to you and help you to be the best you can be in your interview.